I have seen many friends over the years lose out in life because they could not control their anger. You see, the problem with anger is that it can consume you and leave you bitter. Anger is very self indulgent and ultimately it is self destructive. The word of God in the book of Proverbs Ch 15 v 1 says "A  soft  answer turneth away wrath, but grievious words stir up anger". Now here is a  great starting place to help control that angry moment.
Firstly, you have to control that tongue. Start by answering other angry people softly and don't bite on the bait. Watch something extraordinary happen. The more you answer them softly, the more likely it will be that they will run out of steam.

Now, this will take some time and a lot of practise before answering softly becomes a habit. But the great thing is that when it does, you will be pleased with the way it affects your life, relationships and future prospects. Get rid of that anger and make place for God's love. His special supernatural love is the real answer to controlling anger. The perfect solution to a defeatable problem.   

Be blessed - God's way!

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