As a pastor, people are always asking me questions about resources. "What type of bible should I get?" or "What books can you recommend I should be reading?" or "Where can I go to get the type of christian products I need?". Some of my really bold friends will just ask me a 'point blank' question. "Can't you just bring me a selection of books I can choose from?"
Well now I can. By just visiting There are a selection of christian products that I have choosen that will aid your christian growth. There is something for everyones taste. Over time, I will add more of my suggestions. For now, there is plenty to choose from. So, go ahead and browse the content menu. Purchase a 'lovegift' for yourself, a loved one or someone you wish to encourage to get to know Christ for themselves. God bless you both now and always.
7/17/2012 04:37:57 pm

Your blog was so simple, I went ahead and created one too, thank you.

7/18/2012 05:48:08 am

Hi Yuri,
I'm so glad that you have been inspired to create a blog for yourself to share your interests. I like the way your blog site is looking so far. Keep going!
I'll be updating my blog pages soon so that I can share more of my own interests.
God bless!

8/22/2012 01:54:22 pm

Lovely blog, thanks for posting.


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