Have you ever asked yourself the question, '"How blessed am I?". It may seem like a strange question, but a very important one, none the less. Sometimes we measure our success by the number of items we possess or the number of people we know. However, God sees things from a different prospective. In God's eyes, we start to be counted as being blessed people when we avoid bad counsel and bad company and start to focus on Him. This is because He knows that our environment so easily affects our behaviour. This can be seem in the scripture Psalm 1 vs 1 - 6.

God wants us to love his word and mediate on it constantly. The reward will be fruitfulness in life, abundance and deep rooted stability in Him. God wants to give us something more valuable than material things. He wants to give us something, oh so much greater!..........His unconditional divine love - (Agape).
 Be blessed, God's way.
9/19/2012 11:38:54 am

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